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  • Inferno Screen Printing - Now Almost Completely HSA Water Base and Discharge Inks!

    Inferno Screen Printing is proud to announce we are almost completely 100% HSA (High Solids Acrylic) and Discharge Water Base Inks. The use of these inks helps us produce the softest prints possible on the market. Once you go Water Base Ink you do not go back. The proof is in the print! And it is nice to say you are working with a company that uses Ink on your shirt that is Phthalate and VOC free and follows CPSIA Regulation.

    For those that say Water Base Inks cannot produce detailed or bright prints please look below. And for large all over the chest prints there is nothing to feel but the shirt. Who wants to wear a sheet of plastic on their chest? Not us so we don't print that way. Demand better prints! Come on over to Inferno Screen Printing. You will love your new shirts!

    And yes, these are real pictures of real shirts. Nothing Photoshopped. Detail and brightness due to our use of Water Base Ink.