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  • More MDF 2014 and King Khan and the Shrines!

    We are still posting pics from some of the amazing artists we were lucky enough to work with for the Maryland Deathfest 2014. And one of them was Soilent Green from our town of New Orleans! A nice, large two color print on the front with a killer one color back design. With discharge water base inks even though it is a large print there is nothing to feel but shirt. No thick, plastic feel to it at all.

    And sometimes we actually print other shirts that are not black haha! Lucky for us being a printer for the mighty Spits we got to meet and print for King Khan and the Shrines on their current US Tour. Below are a few samples of their mens and womens different color ways. All super soft water base inks of course! Go check them out now and get your party on.