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  • Pseudogod and Maryland Death Fest

    We are extremely proud to announce we printed the tour shirts (and for the Maryland Death Fest) for Perm, Russia's Pseudogod. Their BlackDeath Metal is internationally known for being a blunt trauma force to the ear drum. And below is their amazing artwork on textile! 

    First is a light gray one color discharge on black. Please understand that the difference in photo color is due to our camera and lighting conditions. Unlike other screen printing websites we do not "Photoshop" our end product. You are seeing the actual, real shirt. Not a file slapped on a template.

    And the close up. Please read above again for the difference in photo color of the gray discharge ink. If you look carefully you will see the threads of the shirt.

    And here is the back. Even with a huge back print since it is a discharge ink print there is nothing but shirt.

    And again due to camera / lighting conditions since nothing is "Photoshopped" the colors look different but you can see the details throughout the bones.

    And we also did a water base metallic bronze print for them. The pictures do not do justice to the real shirt!

    And the back tour dates of American cities awaiting...