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  • Italy and New Zealand Metal - like a punch to the face

    So we just did some great prints for DIOCLETIAN's upcoming US Tour!!!

    Osmose Productions have unleashed 'Steel Jaws' as the second promotional song off their new album 'Gesundrian' out in May. Check it out now. And check out their new tour shirts we just did. Killer light gray discharge on black.

    Diocletian are a death/black metal band from Auckland, New Zealand. The band is named after Roman Emperor, Diocletian, who is known for the Diocletianic Persecution (or Great Persecution, 303-311),l which was the last and most severe persecution of Christians in the Roman empire.

    See more at:

    We just finished off some shirts for Demonomancy from Italy for NWN Productions. Awesome discharge print with metallic water base text! Super soft and detailed!

    "After emerging on the scene with the “Bearers of Black Arts” demo followed by the “Rites of Barbaric Demons” mLP and last year’s “The Premonition” demo, Italy’s Demonomancy now return with one of the most anticipated debut full-lengths released in years."

    Listen here.