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  • Inferno Screen Printing - Now Almost Completely HSA Water Base and Discharge Inks!

    Inferno Screen Printing is proud to announce we are almost completely 100% HSA (High Solids Acrylic) and Discharge Water Base Inks. The use of these inks helps us produce the softest prints possible on the market. Once you go Water Base Ink you do not go back. The proof is in the print! And it is nice to say you are working with a company that uses Ink on your shirt that is Phthalate and VOC free and follows CPSIA Regulation.

    For those that say Water Base Inks cannot produce detailed or bright prints please look below. And for large all over the chest prints there is nothing to feel but the shirt. Who wants to wear a sheet of plastic on their chest? Not us so we don't print that way. Demand better prints! Come on over to Inferno Screen Printing. You will love your new shirts!

    And yes, these are real pictures of real shirts. Nothing Photoshopped. Detail and brightness due to our use of Water Base Ink.

  • Full Color and Amazing Detail, just in time for Halloween...

    Both designs below are for France's Season of Mist Records. Beyond Creation and NECROPHAGIA. Both prints involve water base inks and standard plastisol inks as well. The hybrid ink combo creates a super soft print with all the detail due to the water base discharge removing the dye from the shirt and printing plastisol on top makes the print jump off the shirt but with no feel to it. Super soft and amazing detail! The pictures do not offer justice to the prints.

    Beyond Creation 


  • Mexico to Norway to New Orleans - Summer to Fall 2014

    The past few months have been insanely busy. So much to report, so little time with the presses spinning. New inks, new technology, new clients, new everything. Below is a small, small sampling of our work. Inferno has produced amazing shirts from High on Fire and Nuclear War Now Productions in California to Norway's 1349 (the year the Bubonic Plague entered Norway) to New Orleans own Down, Goatwhore, and Eyehategod. And let's not forget the Sabbat Legions from Japan to NYC to Germany to the world over. Inferno Screen Printing is proud to be working together with these amazing artists and the labels who work with them and us. Up the Horns and back to the presses for us!

  • Witches, Congregations, Koozies, and Churches

    So we have been very busy lately. Lot's going on here in New Orleans and nationwide. Local's Eat the Witch had a great design that we printed up. Great two color, super soft water base print. Not a "sheet of plastic" on your chest!

    Go check them out - Heavy instrumental stoner/doom/psych at
    And from Australia we just wrapped up Mournful Congregation's US Mini Tour. Starts next weekend at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY! Super soft as usual discharge print.
    And we did some soft shirts as well for Iceland's Under the Church via Singapore's Pulverised Records!

    Check them out here :
    One color discharge print of course.
    Alright, the current EYEHATEGOD tour in support of the new album is almost over, but there is still time to pick up a koozie. It will help keep your Natural Light Silver Bullets nice and cold. But I am sure we will be printing a lot more koozies for them in the days to come. 
  • More MDF 2014 and King Khan and the Shrines!

    We are still posting pics from some of the amazing artists we were lucky enough to work with for the Maryland Deathfest 2014. And one of them was Soilent Green from our town of New Orleans! A nice, large two color print on the front with a killer one color back design. With discharge water base inks even though it is a large print there is nothing to feel but shirt. No thick, plastic feel to it at all.

    And sometimes we actually print other shirts that are not black haha! Lucky for us being a printer for the mighty Spits we got to meet and print for King Khan and the Shrines on their current US Tour. Below are a few samples of their mens and womens different color ways. All super soft water base inks of course! Go check them out now and get your party on.

  • Pseudogod and Maryland Death Fest

    We are extremely proud to announce we printed the tour shirts (and for the Maryland Death Fest) for Perm, Russia's Pseudogod. Their BlackDeath Metal is internationally known for being a blunt trauma force to the ear drum. And below is their amazing artwork on textile! 

    First is a light gray one color discharge on black. Please understand that the difference in photo color is due to our camera and lighting conditions. Unlike other screen printing websites we do not "Photoshop" our end product. You are seeing the actual, real shirt. Not a file slapped on a template.

    And the close up. Please read above again for the difference in photo color of the gray discharge ink. If you look carefully you will see the threads of the shirt.

    And here is the back. Even with a huge back print since it is a discharge ink print there is nothing but shirt.

    And again due to camera / lighting conditions since nothing is "Photoshopped" the colors look different but you can see the details throughout the bones.

    And we also did a water base metallic bronze print for them. The pictures do not do justice to the real shirt!

    And the back tour dates of American cities awaiting...

  • Italy and New Zealand Metal - like a punch to the face

    So we just did some great prints for DIOCLETIAN's upcoming US Tour!!!

    Osmose Productions have unleashed 'Steel Jaws' as the second promotional song off their new album 'Gesundrian' out in May. Check it out now. And check out their new tour shirts we just did. Killer light gray discharge on black.

    Diocletian are a death/black metal band from Auckland, New Zealand. The band is named after Roman Emperor, Diocletian, who is known for the Diocletianic Persecution (or Great Persecution, 303-311),l which was the last and most severe persecution of Christians in the Roman empire.

    See more at:

    We just finished off some shirts for Demonomancy from Italy for NWN Productions. Awesome discharge print with metallic water base text! Super soft and detailed!

    "After emerging on the scene with the “Bearers of Black Arts” demo followed by the “Rites of Barbaric Demons” mLP and last year’s “The Premonition” demo, Italy’s Demonomancy now return with one of the most anticipated debut full-lengths released in years."

    Listen here.

  • Wizards and Axes!

    We just did some reprints for NOLA's favorite "Rush on Steroids" band Mountain of Wizard! The Burgundy Block party the other night (3200 block of Burgundy) in our hometown of New Orleans was a blast! Trampoline Team, Mountain of Wizard, and Classhole killed it!

    And also some cool shirts for Unspeakable Axe Records! Great logo design printed with black water base ink. Makes for a soft shirt with a huge front print!

    And hailing from Sydney, Australia is Backyard Mortuary!  They have a string of shows on the West Coast this month. Huge front design printed with discharge inks for that soft feel. Crimson Red and White for that "Occult" feel haha! 

  • War Is Hell

    We just did some amazing hats, shirts, and hoodies for Canada's Unrest Records. They are re-releasing some vintage albums these days! Discharge and Disrupt, say no more. Killer embroidered white on black and black on black hats. Amazingly detailed super soft water base inks for the shirts! So badass it hurts!

    And a close up of the black on black embroidery on very nice FlexFit hats.

    And the same for Disrupt.

    And here the shirts for both bands. Both prints were a clear discharge underbase to bring out all the amazing detail in the bombs (notice the skulls) and the destruction of the cityscape. The band logos and white highlites were one pass of a reduced plastisol on high mesh so they "pop" but results in a smooth as butter print.